TOK got featured in Bankieri Magazine

A big thank you to Albanian Association of Banks for featuring us as a success story in their  Bankieri Magazine.

Below is the full article:

Nowadays, the information economy, whose importance is approaching that of the production’s one, has closely attracted talented young people, who in a very short time, are turning garage – founded top solar companies, into billion-of-dollars’ giants. Today, even in Albania, it has become rather impossible to find a business, organization or association, which is not present somewhere on the internet, so companies providing such services are increasing and even starting to consolidate in the market. In this issue we will talk about TOK Digital Agency, one of the companies operating in the image and web design area, which has shown a significant growth, recently. The AAB contacted TOK Agency, when was looking for a company that could design a new website for the Albanian Association of Banks and build a new statistical application.

“We are an organization of professionals from various fields – ranging from web design to image and business consulting – with over ten years of experience in Albania and abroad; we are specialized in providing a wide range of services, that a few companies in Albania, if any, provide them under a single umbrella, “said Erind Aliçkolli, TOK administrator.

“Since our first conversation with AAB, we realized that they were searching for a company capable to offer not only a website redesign, but also offering a solution for designing a new statistical application, which would not be simply a database, but an interactive data system that would enable readers to create graphs, comparative reports and summary tables for those indicators who are interested in,” says Enid Bala, one of the co-founders of the TOK Agency.

“This is one of the most beautiful things in our work”- says Klevis Miho, because we never do the same routine work twice, as customers always come up with a special request, which also requires a special solution. Each customer poses a challenge for us, because our specialty is to provide specific solutions for specific clients. Having such challenges, we not only improve ourselves professionally, but the most important thing, is that we increase the value of our company.”

But what makes TOK Agency special? If you look at its website: you notice that their customers are as different as the services, such agency offers. In addition to customers in Albania, they have provided a range of services for international customers from US, Canada, Australia, or the United Kingdom. The services they offer range from branding a company, or product to image design, logos, websites, building and programming various computer systems, and even online market analysis, online marketing and sales.

“Our primary goal is to offer our customers everything linked to their image,” says Taulant Musabelliu, TOK cofounder. “We are aware that customers do not prefer to cooperate with different companies to carry out things that are actually part of a whole. We are very proud to assist our clients in every step they take. Let’s take the example of a client who wants to make a promotional campaign for his/her/its company, or for a specific product. We offer everything in this regard, starting from the campaign strategy and its targets, design of the campaign image, design and completion of posters, or promotional videos, up to the event management, as we did with Turtle Fest in Dhërmi. The same can be said for customers asking for information systems, applications, or websites. Customers like this approach, because it is much easier for them to communicate with only one company, instead of some, and it is cheaper contracting one company, rather than many individual companies for each application. This is the key to the success of our company.”

Today, more and more Albanian businesses are becoming aware of the value added, a good image possesses for them, as well as the relationship with their customers. Whenever a company needs a service or a problem solution, agencies like TOK are there to offer solutions.


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