A new and effective way in online marketing

Ignoring online marketing nowadays is like starting a business and not telling anyone. New developments make it necessary to use it to have the greatest benefits in increasing brand, image and sales. The benefits are tangible in a relatively short time and the advantages are deeply felt. Low costs, direct contact with customers, ease of not being physically, personalization of what you will accomplish, etc.… These are some of the fruits of online marketing. In addition to the classic ways, lately we have a new trend of doing this kind of marketing: the introduction of companies or platforms that create videos with entertaining and humorous content. How did this become possible?

In my opinion the first is the attraction that the audience has towards these platforms. Today most people are busy with engagements of all kinds and when they open the internet on their mobile they try to watch something fun as routine and daily life create a tiring effect. These platforms which I will call companies because they have a proper organization, through the internet and various social networks, offer us what we lack in our busy daily life, humor. Having humor as the main theme of the products, they have managed to have a lot of followers and this translates into common good for all.

The next argument is the newly created reality, where the classical media must accept that their era is ending and pave the way for modern media. History has shown us that people always find a solution so we do not have to depend on the old yet but to be brave and accept the new. The truth is that televisions have a decreasing curve in viewership. This is due to several factors such as: the programs they offer, the values ​​and anti-values ​​they convey, the lack of flexibility in relation to the topicality, the lack of impartiality, etc. pse Then why should we continue to pay televisions for marketing when the audience is moving online platforms?

Curiosity: In London, before the invention of the alarm clock, people who went to work early paid someone to wake them up. For some young people it was a good job because they had many clients, but with the invention of the alarm clock, these people were left without a job. However, they managed to adapt to this new reality. This example is valid in our case as well.

Another factor why companies and businesses should consider this new reality is the feedback it receives directly from the audience. This feedback is measurable through clicks, viewership, likes and comments. Thus the transparency is at maximum levels and this makes it possible to avoid misunderstandings and the real measurement of the fruits that a certain campaign or a certain video has given. But what are these companies? The locomotive of online platforms that offers this service is Ngop Media. For two years in the market has created a unique brand and has in its portfolio very successful collaborations with the largest businesses in the country.

These were the main arguments, but there are absolutely others. I hope this writing is valuable for those who want to advance with their brand and for those who have in hand the marketing keys in all its lines. It is time to be smart to emerge victorious from this new reality. Thus I close with the famous expression: “Let us give Caesar what belongs to Caesar!”

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